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Amazon DynamoDB

This page covers how to create a collection in Rockset that pulls data from Amazon DynamoDB. All AWS regions are supported.

Create an Integration

Rockset needs credentials to access your DynamoDB tables. To set this up, create an integration by following instructions for one of these mechanisms:

Rockset needs read-only access to your DynamoDB table. However, for your ease-of-use, you can provide an additional UpdateTable access as well. Rockset uses the UpdateTable permission to create a stream for the DynamoDB Table so that it can stream the DynamoDB change logs into Rockset without you having to manually configure anything additional.

If you do not provide the UpdateTable access permissions, then you have to manually enable streams on that table by following the steps described in the section titled Enabling a Stream in the AWS DynamoDB Stream document. You have to specify the StreamViewType as NEW_AND_OLD_IMAGES while creating the stream.

Create a Collection

Once you create a collection backed by Amazon DynamoDB, Rockset uses DynamoDB scan operation and streams to continuosly ingest and update collections as new objects are added to the DynamoDB table. The contents of the Rockset collection are always in sync with the DynamoDB source. The sync latency is no more than a few seconds when the source is getting updated continuously and no more than 5 minutes when the source gets updated infrequently.

In the Rockset Console, you can create a collection from Workspace > Collections > Create Collection.

Create Collection

Using the CLI, you can run the following:

$ rock create collection my-first-dynamodb-collection \
    dynamodb://my-table \

Collection "my-first-dynamodb-collection" was created successfully.

Note that these operations can also be performed using any of the Rockset client libraries.