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Apache Superset

This page describes how to setup Superset and configure it for use with Rockset.

This guide requires that you have installed the latest Rockset Python client. For instructions on doing so, refer to the instructions here.


Apache Superset is a data exploration and visualization web application. Refer here to setup Superset in your environment.

Superset uses SQLAlchemy to perform operations. Install Rockset Python client (version 0.5.13 or higher) in your environment to connect Superset with Rockset.


  1. To add Rockset as a Database source in Superset, navigate to Sources > Databases and click on the plus symbol (+).

Superset add Database

  1. Configure the database as follows:
  • Fill in the database name.
  • Use the following format for SQLAlchemy URI: rockset://apikey:{your-apikey}@api.rs2.usw2.rockset.com/ Replace your-apikey with the your own API key that you have generated using Rockset console.
  • Select Expose in SQL Lab.
  • Select Allow DML if you want to run DESCRIBE queries on your collection.

You can test the connection and if everything seems fine, click Save.

Superset add Rockset


  1. Navigate to SQL Lab > SQL Editor. Select the Rockset Database added in the previous steps and select the ‘commons’ schema. This will populate the table schemas. Select the collection you want to run query on.

Superset SQL Lab

  1. Click on Explore to visualize and create dashboards over the query results.

Superset explore results

  1. Navigate to Sources > Tables to add Rockset collections as a Table source.