A workspace is a container that can hold collections, aliases, Query Lambdas, and other workspaces. In this way, workspaces are analogous to folders, whereas collections and Query Lambdas are analogous to files. Every resource must be part of exactly one workspace.

#Creating Workspaces

Workspaces can be created in the Rockset Console or by using the REST API directly. To create a workspace in the Rockset Console, select the "Add New" option in the "Workspace" dropdown menu during the creation of a new collection.

Create New Workspace

Workspaces can be nested — to create a nested workspace, use dots (".") to separate each workspace name. Creating a nested workspace will automatically create parent workspaces if not already present.

#Using Workspaces

Workspaces are accessed by preceding the collection name in your SQL queries with a dot ("."). For instance, the query SELECT user_id, email FROM twitch_data.users will access the collection users in workspace twitch_data.

To access nested workspaces, simply separate their names in your SQL queries with multiple dots ("."). For instance, the query SELECT first_name, email FROM marketing.leads.web_signups will access the collection web_signups in nested workspace marketing.leads.

#The commons Workspace

By default, collections will be created in a workspace named commons. Any collections automatically created by the system (such as the _events collection created with your organization) will exist in the commons workspace.

If you do not specify a workspace when creating or querying collections, the workspace will be implicitly assumed as commons. For instance, the query DESCRIBE users is equivalent to DESCRIBE commons.users.

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