All Commands

This page documents all available SQL commands in Rockset.

In the command templates shown here, all uppercase words are keywords and lowercase words are user-provided values. In practice, all keywords and function names are case insensitive; for example, describe "_events" is equivalent to DESCRIBE "_events".

List of commands defined in this section:

DESCRIBEThe output of DESCRIBE has the following fields: 1. field: Every distinct field name in the collection. 2. type: The data type of the field. 3. occurrences: The number of documents that have this field in the given type. 4. total: Total number of documents in the collection for top level fields, and total number of documents that have the parent field for nested fields.
SELECTReturns result set from one or more collections.
INSERTInserts result of a query into a collection.