INSERT INTO collection

INSERT INTO collection_name
[ (column_alias [, ...]) ]

INSERT Inserts result of a query into a collection. Individual values cannot be inserted.

  • collection_name is the collection into which query results are ingested.
  • column_alias renames fields in the result rows. If specified, this list must contain as many
    items as the number of fields selected by the select_query
  • select_query is a valid SELECT command.

The ingestion of query results into the specified collection begins after the SELECT command finishes successfully. The console will display num_docs_inserted ( the API equivalent is result_set_document_count) which is the result count of the SELECT command. If there is an ingest transformation on the collection, it will then be applied to the result docs before they are finally inserted into the collection.

To verify that your collection has been updated, you can call GET on the query to find the last_offset performed by the INSERT and then follow these directions.

Below we cover common uses of INSERT.

To update some documents in a collection. Note that following queries select _id column, so a document with specified id gets updated.

INSERT INTO collection1 SELECT _id, price + 10 AS price FROM collection1 where price < 5
INSERT INTO collection1 SELECT _id, NULL AS age FROM collection1

To replicate a collection:

INSERT INTO collection2 SELECT * FROM collection1


IIS cancellation is not supported.