The Rockset API allows you to programmatically access and manage your Rockset resources and features. It follows REST architectural principles, and speaks exclusively in JSON.

The base URL of the Rockset API servers are as follows. You can double check the region of your org by looking at the top-left region dropdown in the Rockset Console.

RegionBase URL
Oregon (us-west-2)
N. Virginia (us-east-1)
Frankfurt (eu-central-1)
Ireland (eu-west-1)
Sydney (ap-southeast-2)

Coming Soon: Mumbai, Singapore, and Canada. Contact support for more information.

All endpoints are accessible through HTTPS only, ensuring that all data in flight is fully encrypted using TLS.

All requests made to the Rockset API should be formatted using JSON and have the Content-Type header set to application/json in order to ensure that they are read and processed properly. You can find the OpenAPI version of these endpoints here.


The Rockset API uses API keys to authenticate requests. They can be created and managed in the Rockset Console. The API key must be provided as ApiKey { api_key } in the Authorization request header.

You can read more about Rockset's authentication & authorization features here.