This page covers how to use an Azure Service Bus as a data source in Rockset. This includes:

  • Creating an Azure Service Bus <<glossary:Integration>> using a [topic and subscription](🔗).

  • Creating a [SAS](🔗) policy on a topic to securely connect your Azure Service Bus to Rockset.

  • Creating a [<<glossary:Collection>>](🔗) which can source data from an Azure Service Bus topic into Rockset.

For the following steps, you must have access to an Azure Service Bus account and be able to manage an Azure Service Bus namespace.

If you do not have access, please [invite](🔗) your Azure account administrator to Rockset.

## Create an Azure Service Bus Integration

These instructions explain how to setup an Azure Service Bus integration using the Azure Portal. You can use an integration to create collections from the messages of a Service Bus topic and subscription.

Creating a Service Bus namespace can be performed using the Azure [portal](🔗), [CLI](🔗) or via an [ARM template](🔗)

### Create a New Topic

To create a topic, navigate to your Service Bus namespace. When creating a new topic, the following will appear.

Create Azure Service Bus Topic

Topics should be sized according to the write patterns of the message producer. For low write rates with minimal variance, smaller topic sizes should suffice. If write rates are high and/or highly variable, a larger topic size should be configured.

### Create a New Subscription

After creating a topic, a subscription must be created under this topic. Navigate to your new topic and create a new subscription.

Sessions _must_ be enabled on a subscription to ensure reliable message processing.

Create Azure Service Bus Subscription

Messages _will not_ be read from the [dead-letter-queue](🔗). The [default delivery count](🔗) on a subscription is 10. However, a larger value can be useful to mitigate the effects of transient network issues.

### Create a Shared Access Policy

Once the topic and subscription are created, an access policy needs to be generated. The 'Listen' permission is **required**.

Create Azure Service Bus SAS Policy

Once the SAS policy is created, associated connection strings will be generated. A connection string is **required** to create an integration within Rockset.

Azure Service Bus Connection String

### Creating a Service Bus Integration

After the previous steps are completed, a new Service Bus integration can be created. Navigate to the [Integrations tab of the Rockset Console](🔗) and add a new Azure Service Bus integration. Enter a name for the new integration and the connection string associated with the newly created SAS policy.

Azure Service Bus Integration Creation

## Create a Collection

Once you have set up an integration, you can proceed to create an Azure Service Bus sourced collection.

Azure Service Bus Collection Creation

These operations can also be performed using any of the Rockset [client libraries](🔗), the [Rockset API](🔗), or the [Rockset CLI](🔗).