This page describes how to set up Tableau Desktop and configure it for use with Rockset. You can integrate Tableau with Rockset to [power real-time dashboards on NoSQL data](🔗).

The steps below require that you have the Rockset Java SDK jar version 0.7.0+.

For instructions on building the jar, refer [here](🔗). You can also download the jar (rockset-java-\$version-uberjar.jar) from [Maven](🔗).

## Introduction

[Tableau Desktop](🔗) is a data analysis and visualization software. Tableau Desktop uses [JDBC driver](🔗) to perform operations.

## Configuration

Note: Make sure your Tableau Desktop installation is version 2019.2 (or later) and you have Rockset Java SDK version 0.7.0 (or later).

  1. **Get Rockset credentials.** Create and save an API Key using the [API Key tab of the Rockset Console](🔗).

Create New API Key

  1. **Setup Rockset Java SDK path.** Place the Rockset Java SDK jar in the following folder depending on the operating system:

    • Windows: C:\\Program Files\\Tableau\\Drivers

    • Mac: ~/Library/Tableau/Drivers and/or ~/Library/JDBC

    Refer to [Tableau Documentation](🔗) and [Tableau Help](🔗) for more detailed instructions.

  2. **Navigate to JDBC connections.** In Tableau, navigate to Connect To a Server and select `Other Databases (JDBC)`:

Tableau Connect

  1. **Configure connection.** Configure the connection as follows:

    • Use `jdbc:rockset://` for URL (or the api url for your region if not Oregon - you can find the list of regions [here](🔗)).

    • Select `PostgreSQL` as dialect.

    • Enter `apikey` as Username and Rockset API Key as the password.

    • Click on `Sign In`

Tableau Rockset Information

## Usage

Explore the schema of all Rockset collections present in your workspace:

Tableau Explore

## Publishing to Tableau Server

Publish a workbook along with a data source to your Tableau server:

  1. **Navigate to Publish Workbook.** Select `Publish Workbook` from `Server` in the Menu.

Tableau Publish Workbook

  1. **Publish workbook.** Edit Data Sources and select `Published Separately` for `Publish Type` and `Embedded password` for Authentication.

Tableau Publish Configuration