This page describes how to setup [Retool](🔗) and configure it for use with Rockset.

Check out [this blog](🔗) on how to integrate Retool with Rockset to build internal tools and applications using pre-built UI components!

## Configuration

To configure Rockset with Retool, we will need to create a [<<glossary:Query Lambda>>](🔗) and add it as a REST API resource to your Retool application:

  1. **Get credentials from Rockset.** Create and save a new API Key by navigating to the [API Keys tab of the Rockset Console](🔗).

Create New API Key

  1. **Create Query Lambda**. Create a [Query Lambda](🔗) in Rockset with the data you would like to visualize using Retool.

Create New Query Lambda

  1. **Get Query Lambda link**. Select your newly created Query Lambda in the [Query Lambdas tab of the Rockset Console](🔗) and copy the URL under `Query Lambda Endpoint` to your clipboard.

Copy Query Lambda Endpoint

  1. **Add Query Lambda as resource in Retool.** Next, we will create a new resource in Retool for your Rockset Query Lambda:

    • In Retool, navigate to the **Resources** tab, and then select `Create New > REST API`.

    • In the **Base URL** textbox, paste the Query Lambda Endpoint URL from Step 3.

    • In the **Headers** textboxes, enter `Authorization` as the key and `ApiKey [INSERT ROCKSET API KEY FROM STEP 1]` as the value.

    • Select **Create resource** to finish creating the resource.

Retool Create New Resource

## Usage

To visualize your Rockset data inside your Retool application, we will add a new table using in the Retool Application Editor (select the `Edit` button in the top-right hand corner of your Retool application):

  1. **Create query.** Create a new query by selecting `New` in the **Queries** tab in the lower-left hand corner:

    • In the **Resource** dropdown, select the resource (created above using your Rockset Query Lambda).

    • In the **Action type** dropdown, select the `POST` option.

    • Select `Save` to finish creating the query

Retool Create New Query

  1. **Create table.** Create a new table by following the instructions found in [Retool documentation](🔗):

    • In the **Data** section of your new table, enter `{{ <Retool query from Step 1>.data.results }}`.

    • In the **Queries** tab at the bottom of the page, select the `Run` button on the top-right hand corner of the tab.

Retool Create New Table

  1. Save and view your application!