The [Rockset CLI](🔗) can be used to interact with the Rockset database from the terminal. The `rockset api` commands allows access to any of the [<<glossary:Rockset API>>](🔗) endpoints, including:

  • Creating and managing [<<glossary:Collections>>](🔗), [<<glossary:Integrations>>](🔗), [<<glossary:Aliases>>](🔗), [<<glossary:Views>>](🔗), [<<glossary:Workspaces>>](🔗), [<<glossary:Query Lambdas>>](🔗), [API keys](🔗), [<<glossary:Roles>>](🔗), [Users](🔗), and [<<glossary:Virtual Instances>>](🔗)

  • Adding, Deleting, and Patching documents

  • Executing Queries and Query Lambdas

The `rockset local` commands can be used to develop queries locally before deploying to your production application.

For installation instructions and usage documentation, refer to the [Official Rockset CLI Repository](🔗).