Billing is determined by your **compute** and **storage** usage. To estimate your cost based on your usage, use the unit prices available on [this page](🔗). We also offer a consultative estimate, which you can request [here](🔗).

## Compute Charges

Compute charges are determined by the Virtual Instance size you are using. A Virtual Instance (VI) is a cluster of compute resources for streaming ingest and executing queries. They are divided into two categories: Shared and Dedicated.

Shared Virtual Instances are more cost-effective for developing and come in 4 sizes: `Free`, `Nano`, `Micro`, and `Milli`. For some low-traffic use cases, Shared VIs are more than sufficient.

If you’re looking for more predictable performance or you have a high-concurrency, high-performance workload, a dedicated compute tier is recommended. Dedicated VIs come in 8 sizes: `Small`, `Medium`, `Large`, `XLarge`, `2XLarge`, `4XLarge`, `8XLarge`, and `16XLarge`.

For more information on selecting the right VI size, vist our docs page on [Virtual Instances](🔗). For a pricing breakdown for each VI size, visit the [Billing Tab in your console](🔗).

## Storage Charges

Rockset stores your data in NVMe SSD for quick retrieval and automatically scales the storage as your data volume increases. The size of your data compressed and indexed in RocksDB is the value used for billing purposes.

For more information on how data is stored and indexed, check out our docs page on [Storage Architecture](🔗).

## Standard vs. Premium Edition

By default, all accounts are on the Standard edition of Rockset. We also offer a Premium edition which includes access to additional features. To decide which edition is the best fit for you, here is a comparison of the features included with each:

[Bulk Ingest for Initial Load](🔗)✔️✔️
**Performance & Monitoring**

[Production Metrics](🔗)7 Days30 Days
[Storage Auto-Scaling](🔗)✔️✔️
[Compute Auto-Scaling](🔗)
[Dedicated Streaming Ingest](🔗)
[OpenMetrics Endpoint](🔗)

[Role-Based Access Controls](🔗)1 Custom RoleUnlimited Custom Roles
[Google G Suite SSO](🔗)✔️✔️
[Github SSO](🔗)✔️✔️
[Two-Factor Authentication](🔗)✔️✔️
[Okta and Custom SSO](🔗)
[AWS PrivateLink](🔗)
[Customer Managed Keys](🔗) (BYOK)
[IP Address Allowlisting](🔗)
**Advanced Compliance**

[SOC 2 TYPE II Compliance Certificate](🔗)\*✔️✔️
[Audit Logs](🔗)30 Days12 Months with Export Capabilities
[HIPAA Compliance](🔗)

**\*Note:** Both Standard and Premium editions of Rockset are SOC 2 compliant. The SOC 2 TYPE II Compliance Certificate is available upon request for Premium accounts only.

If you're interested in a Premium edition, please contact our support team at [[email protected]](🔗).

## Support Plans

By default, all accounts are provided Basic Support. We offer three different support plans with the following features:

Column Title
Basic SupportBusiness SupportPriority Support
**Recommended For****General Workloads****Production Workloads****Mission Critical Workloads**
**Response Time**

SEV 1 - Complete Outage1 business day2 hours15 minutes
SEV 2 - Partial Outage1 business day4 business hours2 hours
SEV 3 - Major Impact1 business day8 business hours4 business hours
SEV 4 - Minor Impact1 business day1 business day1 business day
**Support Channels**

Community Forums✔️✔️✔️
Dedicated Slack Channel
VIP Line

**Additional Support**

Onboarding Workshop
Technical Account Manager

Proactive Health Check

Product Roadmap Review

Quarterly Business Review


If you're interested in upgrading your support plan, please contact our support team at [[email protected]](🔗).

## How Can I Use Rockset for Free?

You can use Rockset for free by using the `Free` Virtual Instance and staying below the 2GB of free storage. To switch your Virtual Instance, go to the [Virtual Instances tab of the Rockset Console](🔗) and select `Free` from the size dropdown menu.

## Billing Support

If you have any additional questions on how billing works at Rockset, please contact our support team at [[email protected]](🔗). If you have any questions regarding an invoice or an incorrect charge, please contact our billing staff at [[email protected]](🔗).