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This document describes how to use Go client for Rockset. This client allows you to:

  • securely connect to Rockset service
  • create, manage and administer collections
  • issue queries against collections

The Go client library code is available here.


Install the Rockset Go client from GitHub:

go get github.com/rockset/rockset-go-client

or install it from a source code checkout:

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com
mkdir rockset
cd rockset
git clone git@github.com:rockset/rockset-go-client.git
go install rockset-go-client/rockclient.go


Client objects allow you to connect securely to Rockset service. All other API calls require a valid client object.

In order to create a client object, you will need a valid Rockset API key. If you have access to the Rockset Console, then you can use the console to create an API key. If not, please contact the Rockset team at support@rockset.com

import apiclient "github.com/rockset/rockset-go-client"

// create a Rockset client object
client := apiclient.Client("<apiKey>", "<apiServer>")

Use https://api.rs2.usw2.rockset.com for the api_server.


Create a collection

Create a collection using the client object as follows:

import (
    apiclient "github.com/rockset/rockset-go-client"
    models "github.com/rockset/rockset-go-client/lib/go")

// create collection
cinfo := models.CreateCollectionRequest {
    Name: "my-first-collection",
    Description: "my first collection",

res, _, err := client.Collection.Create("workspace-name", cinfo)
// print response as json 

If your document source is S3, follow the steps below otherwise refer to Rock CLI to add documents to the created collection.

Create an Integration

If you have an Amazon S3 bucket that you want to ingest data from, create a Rockset Integration to store credentials required to access the bucket. Create an integration object using the client object as follows:

// create Rockset integration
iinfo := models.CreateIntegrationRequest {
    Name: "my-first-integration",
    Description: "my first integration",
    Aws: &models.AwsKeyIntegration {
        AwsAccessKeyId: ".....",
        AwsSecretAccessKey: ".....",

res, _, err := client.Integration.Create(iinfo)

Create a collection from Amazon S3

Prior to creating a collection using Amazon S3 as source, create a Rockset Integration first as described above.

// create a collection from Amazon S3
cinfo := models.CreateCollectionRequest {
    Name: "my-first-s3-collection",
    Description: "my first s3 collection",
    Sources: []models.Source {
            IntegrationName: "my-first-integration",
            S3 : &models.SourceS3 {
                Bucket: "&bucket-name&",

res, _, err := client.Collection.Create("workspace-name", cinfo)

Add Documents

Add documents to an existing collection using the client object.

// document to be inserted
m := map[string]interface{}{"name": "foo", "address": "bar"}

// array of documents
docs := []interface{}{

dinfo := models.AddDocumentsRequest{
            Data: docs,

res, _, err := client.Documents.Add("workspace-name", "my-first-collection", dinfo)


Make queries to Rockset using the client object.

// construct query
q := models.QueryRequest {
    Sql : &models.QueryRequestSql{
        Query: "select * from hello",

// query
res, _, err := client.Query(q)
// print json result

You can find more examples here.