Virtual Instances

A Virtual Instance is a set of compute resources used to process streaming ingest and queries.

Every Rockset organization starts with one Virtual Instance per active region named the main Virtual Instance which cannot be removed. This is the Ingest Virtual Instance and Default Query Virtual Instance for that region by default. Unless otherwise explicitly specified, all streaming ingest and queries are routed to this Virtual Instance.

Virtual Instances are compute resources and are separate from data storage. Virtual Instances can have Mounted Collections. Mounting a Collection allows the Virtual Instance to serve queries that access that collection. The same collection can be mounted on any number of Virtual Instances.

You can manage your account's Virtual Instances in the Virtual Instances tab of the Rockset Console.

Virtual Instances can be hosted in one or more regions. For a list of current supported regions, refer to the list here. Looking for a different region? Contact us at [email protected].