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This page describes how to setup Redash and configure it for use with Rockset. These instructions can be used along with Redash running locally, via docker or using the hosted version.


  1. To add Rockset as a Database source in Redash, navigate to Data Sources > New Data Source and select Rockset from the list.

  2. Configure the source as follows:

    • Fill in a Name for the source
    • Fill in an API Key that you created in the Rockset Console
    • Fill in the URL for the Rockset API Server. By default, this is api.rs2.usw2.rockset.com

Redash Add Source

You can test the connection and if everything seems fine, click Save.


To create a new query, Create > New Query. Select the Rockset Database added in the previous step. This will populate the various collections. Select the collection you want to run the query on.

Redash SQL

You can now click on New Visualization to visualize and create dashboards over the query results. To further explore how to build visualizations, dashboards and alerts, refer to the Redash Getting Started Guide