Updating Integrations

Integrations contain credentials for connecting with data sources. Updating integrations allows you to change your credentials. Common use cases for updating integrations include:

  1. Rotating credentials
  2. Accidentally deleting permissions or credentials

The capabilities associated with updating integrations are currently available through the Rockset API.

Updating an Integration


Updating an Integration is currently in Beta.

You can update an integration at any time using the Update Integration Endpoint.


The Update Integration Endpoint will clear any existing values for fields that are not included in the request body.

If you'd like to change a subset of fields, it is recommended that you do a read-modify-write. For example, GET the integration, modify the desired field(s), and PUT the modified integration.

You can retrieve the integration using the Retrieve Integration Endpoint.

When an integration is updated, all sources using the integration may see a brief pause in ingestion before the new integration details take effect. Sources in the same Collection not using the updated integration will not be affected.

If the source is in an errored state, updating the integration will automatically resume the source with the new integration details.

Here's an example of updating the AWS role ARN for a DynamoDB integration:

$ curl --request PUT \
		--url https://api.{region}.rockset.com/v1/v1/orgs/self/integrations/{integration} \
    -H 'Authorization: ApiKey {yourAPIKey}' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -d '{
          "dynamodb": {
            "aws_access_key": null,
            "aws_role": {
                "aws_role_arn": "arn:aws:iam::012345678910:role/my-test-role",
                "aws_external_id": null
            "s3_export_bucket_name": "my-export-bucket"