Retool Integration

This page describes how to setup Retool and configure it for use with Rockset.


Check out this blog on how to integrate Retool with Rockset to build internal tools and applications using pre-built UI components!


To configure Rockset with Retool, we will need to create a Query Lambda and add it as a REST API resource to your Retool application:

  1. Get credentials from Rockset. Create and save a new API Key by navigating to the API Keys tab of the Rockset Console.
Create New API Key
  1. Create Query Lambda. Create a Query Lambda in Rockset with the data you would like to visualize using Retool.
Create New Query Lambda
  1. Get Query Lambda link. Select your newly created Query Lambda in the Query Lambdas tab of the Rockset Console and copy the URL under Query Lambda Endpoint to your clipboard.
Copy Query Lambda Endpoint
  1. Add Query Lambda as resource in Retool. Next, we will create a new resource in Retool for your Rockset Query Lambda:

    • In Retool, navigate to the Resources tab, and then select Create New > REST API.
    • In the Base URL textbox, paste the Query Lambda Endpoint URL from Step 3.
    • In the Headers textboxes, enter Authorization as the key and
      ApiKey [INSERT ROCKSET API KEY FROM STEP 1] as the value.
    • Select Create resource to finish creating the resource.

Retool Create New Resource


To visualize your Rockset data inside your Retool application, we will add a new table using in the Retool Application Editor (select the Edit button in the top-right hand corner of your Retool application):

  1. Create query. Create a new query by selecting New in the Queries tab in the lower-left hand corner:
    • In the Resource dropdown, select the resource (created above using your Rockset Query
    • In the Action type dropdown, select the POST option.
    • Select Save to finish creating the query

Retool Create New Query

  1. Create table. Create a new table by following the instructions found in
    Retool documentation:

    • In the Data section of your new table, enter
      {{ <Retool query from Step 1>.data.results }}.
    • In the Queries tab at the bottom of the page, select the Run button on the top-right hand
      corner of the tab.

Retool Create New Table

  1. Save and view your application!