Virtual Instance Auto-Scaling


Virtual Instance Auto-Scaling is currently in Beta. The documentation is subject to change.

CPU-based vertical Auto-Scaling is a technique that automatically adjusts Virtual Instance size according to current workload demands. It is the most cost-efficient way to run Rockset while maximizing performance. With this feature enabled, the Virtual Instance size will auto-scale up during heavier workloads to deliver better performance and auto-scale down when idle to avoid over provisioning resources and reduce costs.

How Rockset Auto-Scales Virtual Instance Size

Rockset analyzes Virtual Instance CPU utilization to assess whether to auto-scale a Virtual Instance size up or down. CPU utilization is observed for auto-scaling using an iterative decay approach, allowing for historical analysis with amplified emphasis on recent measurements when making auto-scaling decisions.

  • Auto-Scale Up occurs when the CPU utilization decay value exceeds 75%.
  • Auto-Scale Down occurs when the CPU utilization decay value is below 25%.
  • After any Virtual Instance switch action has completed or upon enabling auto-scaling, there is a cooldown period of 3 minutes for a subsequent auto-scale up action and 1 hour for a subsequent auto-scale down action.

Configuring an Auto-Scaling Policy

Auto-Scaling can be configured in the Virtual Instances tab of the Rockset Console or through the Rockset API.

To create an Auto-Scaling policy on a Virtual Instance, go to the Virtual Instance tab of the Rockset Console and navigate to the Edit Virtual Instance menu for the Virtual Instance you want to configure. Define the minimum and maximum sizes you will allow the policy to scale the Virtual Instance.


Virtual Instance Auto-Scaling is currently only available for the Ingest VI.

Virtual Instance RRN

Monitoring Auto-Scaling Events

When an Auto-Scaling occurs:

  • Rockset logs Auto-Scaling events in the Activity Logs in the Virtual Instance details page.
  • Rockset sends an email with details about the Auto-Scaling action.

Monitor how Rockset makes Auto-Scaling decisions based on CPU utilization with Virtual Instance metrics monitoring.

Manually Resizing VI with Auto-Scaling Enabled

If you have Auto-Scaling enabled but want to manually resize your VI, there are two possible outcomes:

  1. Auto-Scaling will remain enabled if you resize your VI within your Auto-Scaling range. For example, if your Auto-Scaling has a minimum size of Small and maximum size of Large and you resize your VI from Large to Medium, Auto-Scaling will remain in place.
  2. Auto-Scaling will be disabled if you resize your VI outside of your Auto-Scaling range. For example, if your Auto-Scaling minimum size is Small and maximum size is Large and you resize from Large to XL, Auto-Scaling will be disabled.