API Rate Limits

The following are API rate limits placed on your Rockset organization which may be customized for your specific use case by contacting Rockset Customer Support.

Endpoint# RequestsWindow of Time
Metadata Read*5001 minute
Metadata Update*501 minute
Execute Public Query Lambda11 second
Execute INSERT INTO Query601 minute
List Queries3001 minute
Read Pagination10001 minute
Read Metrics1201 minute
Update Virtual Instance Configuration20024 hours
Mount Collections501 minute
Create User101 minute
Update Dedicated Streaming Ingest (Beta Feature)1024 hours
Cancel Query by Tag (Private Preview Feature)601 minute
Create Snapshot (Private Preview Feature)501 minute

*Metadata read/update limits refer to any reading/updating of collections, sources, integrations, workspaces, users, and all other Rockset entities not included in the other rate limits. Refer to the Rockset API reference for these endpoints.